Esprit SolidWire®

Accuracy and Predictability
Whether you use your wire EDM machine for small lots of sub-micron precision parts or as a workhorse for production machining, get the most out of your machine tool investment. Dramatically simplify the part-programming process, significantly increase part accuracy, and greatly reduce the length and complexity of your G-code program with ESPRIT.

Complete Machine Control
ESPRIT provides a universal EDM contouring cycle to machine any contoured mould, die, core, cavity, shape or profile. This versatile machining cycle supports any number of straight or tapered rough and skim cuts while optimizing wire cutting paths. Strategies for all styles of EDM machining such as punch, die, multi-cavity parts, and unattended machining are included. Between cuts ESPRIT automatically handles all the necessary wire-cut and wire-thread instructions, and part-handling functions of the machine: flushing, tank fill, and tank drain.