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OMAX offers a range of waterjet cutting machines designed for precision and efficiency. These machines, known for their superior quality, are capable of cutting various materials and complex shapes.

Here’s why you should choose an OMAX machine:

  • PrecisionJet® Cutting Head: Patented technology offering unparalleled precision and accuracy, ensuring that every cut is perfect.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Capable of cutting all types of materials, from metals and stones to composites and plastics.
  • Versatile Cutting Capabilities: Cuts complex shapes and patterns with ease, ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive software for simple programming and use making our machines easy to operate, even for beginners.
  • Superior Quality: OMAX abrasive waterjets are known for manufacturing high-quality machines designed to last.
  • Intelli-TRAX® Drive System: Ensures precise alignment of the cutting head for better quality and longer tool life.
  • Proven Reliability: OMAX machines are built to last, with a proven track record of reliability and performance.

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A complete range of waterjet cutting machines



A leader in waterjet cutting

Founded in 1993, OMAX has been at the forefront of waterjet cutting technology and innovation for over 25 years.

OMAX’s direct drive machines stand out from traditional hydraulic systems for their greater precision, speed, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance. Operators benefit from user-friendly software to create precise and complex cuts, with CAD/CAM and 3D modeling features.
The customizable machines allow optimal adaptation to the specific needs of different applications. Advanced pump technologies provide rapid, high-quality cutting while minimizing waste.
OMAX provides comprehensive training, maintenance, and technical support services for the optimal life of its machines.
A reliable solution for quality cuts in various industries.

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John R., Manufacturing Director

"The OMAX waterjet cutting machine has been a real game changer for our manufacturing process. Its direct drive pump technology makes it efficient and reliable, and we've been able to cut virtually all materials, thick or thin. It's easy to learn and program, and our team has been extremely satisfied with the results."

Sarah L., Metalworking Business Owner

"We recently invested in the OMAX Maxiem 1515 CNC waterjet cutting machine, and it's been a fantastic decision. The 20HP motor and the 50,000 PSI are incredibly powerful, and we've been able to cut a wide range of materials with precision and speed. I highly recommend this machine to anyone in the industry."

Kevin P., Engineering Director of a Manufacturing Company

"OMAX abrasive waterjets have exceeded our expectations. Their customization options are top-notch, and we've been able to cut complex shapes and parts with ease. Their team has also been incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and we appreciate their commitment to customer satisfaction."

Check their website here and see their machines in action on YouTube

Are you in the market for a reliable and efficient waterjet cutting machine?

The OMAX waterjet cutting machine is the one for you. With its advanced pump technology, extensive customization options, and excellent customer support, it’s a wise investment for any business looking to enhance its manufacturing process.