Our Globalmax waterjet Cutting Machine has been developed, tested and built according to the OMAX philosophy. It offers reliable waterjet cutting performance and maximum productivity through simplified operation and easy maintenance.

One of our models featuring a 13’ 3” x 6’ 8” (4,038 mm x 2,032 mm)  cutting bed that can support a maximum material load of 100 lb/ft2 (488 kg/m2) and a number of compatible accessories, this Globalmax waterjet cutting machine is ideal for shops that need to cut large parts or multiple nested parts from large sheets of material. With a cutting speed of 500 in/minute (12 700 mm/min ) and linear positioning accuracy of ±0.003” (±0.08 mm), you can quickly and accurately cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses, without any heat-affected zone, from glass, aluminum, titanium, stone, carbon fiber to G10 composite and beyond.

If you think  the Globalmax Waterjet Cutting Machine with top-of-the-line features means sacrificing value or performance, the Globalmax Waterjet Cutting Machine built by OMAX will make you think twice!

Our Globalmax waterjet cutting machine that offers excellent cut quality and economical operating costs. Its improved optical configuration directly impacts cut quality while power is enhanced by a 20-30-40 HP direct drive pump. The Globalmax waterjet Cutting Machine series achieves high speed, high output and high efficiency while maintaining easy-to-use features.

Typical of OMAX jetmachines, the Globalmax waterjet cutting machine comes equipped with state-of-the-art components and technologies. For example, an ultra-high efficiency direct drive pump runs quiet and clean, all the while converting over 85% of electrical power to pure cutting power. Do not hesiate to ask us about efficiency and power at the nozzle if you look at what’s really important – the nozzle, and matching nozzle hydraulic horsepower and abrasive flow rate these are all important factors that sets Omax apart from the competition. The Globalmax waterjet cutting machine direct drive pump uses less electricity and less water, while also reducing component fatigue thanks to our adjustable dump valve.

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