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Easy to operate and highly powerful, press brake and metal bending solutions from Han’s Laser lead the industry in speed, accuracy, reliability and cost savings. Han’s Laser is a foremost developer and manufacturer of high-performance industrial machines designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries.

Sold worldwide, Han’s Laser products are used in multiple industries, including railway communication, automotive applications, mechanical engineering, elevators, agricultural machines, petroleum production as well as packaging and sheet metal processing. Its vast portfolio includes 2D fiber laser and 3D fiber laser cutting solutions, press brakes, laser welding systems, automation, laser tube cutting, and surface treatment innovations.

Han’s unique hybrid design features advanced servo-electric technology combined with immense hydraulic power to keep up with the pace of today’s sheet metal fabricating needs. From simple bends to forming complex parts and structures in any format, Han’s Laser hybrid CNC press brakes are some of the most advanced, precise and cost-effective on the market.


Han’s Laser gives you the best of both worlds with its hybrid concept that uses both hydraulic cylinder technology and also a servo motor drive that functions like a screw drive.

The up-acting hydraulic system drives the upper beam in an “up-and-down” movement, but the lower worktable stays fixed. The bending force is generated by applying pressure over hydraulic cylinders. The precise closed-loop control composed of an electro-hydraulic servo valve and linear encoder can simultaneously control the pressurization of the main cylinders on both sides. The system feedback data enables the slider to be accurately controlled so that the bending accuracy and repeatability is high.

With unlimited bending capacity, maximum workpiece weight can reach up to 100 kg, with customization available for larger workpiece processing.


Bending performance is off the chart thanks to Han’s Laser precision-oriented mechanical crowning and instant clamp devices on the upper module for quick and easy mold changes, less downtime and reduced labor costs.

Operability and ergonomics are high on the list of benefits of these high-tech press brakes. Efficient and versatile front systems combined with flexible worktables and industry-leading safety features facilitate machine operation so that workers can be comfortable, safe and effective while on the job.

Bend metals into custom shapes at the touch of a button with the high-tech DELEM CNC controller developed specifically for sheet metal applications. Complete with HMI and TFT (True Color Display), this operating software automatically calculates bending force, backgauge position and ram penetrating and pressing time relay. Hot key touch interface allows for direct navigation between product programming and actual production. So easy to use, you don’t need to be an expert to produce intricate, high-quality parts!

Han’s Laser metal bending machines include a host of automation options and integrated features, including a linear scale closed loop system offering exact feedback to guarantee Y1, Y2 slider accuracy and repeatability.

Never worry about speed or capacity again: rigid machine frames and stable mechanical structures allow bends of up to 200 tons for exponential gains in output. With fast-down and return speeds of 150 mm/second and a working speed of 10 mm/second, these CNC press brakes get the job done with hydraulic valves and enclosed linear encoders that ensure stroke movement accuracy and performance quality.

Spark & Co. offers a complete portfolio of Han’s Laser products, including 2D laser (F and HF series), 3D laser (W Series), laser tube cutting (P series), laser welding, automation and surface treatment. Always cutting edges and not corners, no one is better equipped than Spark & Co. to meet your needs in waterjet, 2D laser, 3D laser, Sinker EDM, wire EDM and EDM drill, milling, shaping and finishing.

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