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Watterjet cutting machine

A waterjet machine can cut all types of material. Accurate cold cutting leaves smooth edges, without burrs. No chemical products or heat is required, which means you have a safer work environment. Waterjet cutting uses an abrasive product. Dust is captured and safely filtered by the water. This type of machine offers optimal performance for all industries.

Ben Morfin -
Ben Morfin -


IPG Light Weld is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance industrial laser welding machines for various industries, including automotive, mechanical engineering, agricultural machinery, and oil production. Laser welding solutions are highly precise and efficient, making it a cutting-edge technology for speed, precision, reliability, and cost reduction. IPG Light Weld has extensive experience in the field of laser welding and offers systems for a variety of applications and materials.

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Our expert consultants are constantly searching for the best machines to meet each client’s needs and budget. Don’t waste time on the wrong machine. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We analyze your needs to recommend the machine that’s right for you.

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We carry quality machines from well-known brands such as Mitsubishi, OMAX, Han’s Laser and many more. In addition to providing excellent technical support, these manufacturers can respond quickly to urgent requests thanks to their large inventory of parts on hand. A mechanical issue is always a possibility, even with new equipment.

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At Spark & Co., we are proud to offer the best cutting machines on the market to contribute to your production. Every time you create a new product with one of our machines, we share your pride in that achievement. Thanks to our expertise, we can provide fast and high-quality customer service anywhere in Québec and Ontario. Our technical support, telephone support and on-site training boost your productivity and profitability. Our machines + your production = guaranteed success.