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The Protomax waterjet cutting machine is ideal for prototyping, educational applications or as a complement to a larger machine shop. Its capabilities are amazing and the Intelli-MAX software is intuitive and easy to use. With its compact footprint, the Protomax waterjet cutting machine is a small but scrappy abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

With all the benefits of the advanced control software automatically programs cutting paths from CAD drawings for accurate short-run or one-off production. Fully automated, integrated nesting software controls mass production of parts with minimal waste. With the Protomax Waterjet cutting machine , the possibilities are endless: cut nearly any material, including, glass, aluminum, titanium, stone, carbon fiber, and G10 composite up to 1-inch (2.5 cm) cutting thickness. Work material is submerged underwater for quiet cutting that won’t disrupt your workspace.


They say that good things come in small packages, and the Protomax Waterjet cutting machine built by OMAX is no exception! Compact and versatile, this abrasive waterjet cutting center offers maximum performance for its size, production reliability and low operating costs.  The Protomax Waterjet cutting machine is also manufactured and assembled in conjunction with our OMAX and MAXIEM products for waterjet lines in Kent, Washington.

The Protomax Waterjet cutting machine, a compact machine footprint of 41.5″ x 39.5″ (1,054 mm x 1,004 mm) combined with its comprehensive versatility makes the Protomax Waterjet cutting machine an ideal abrasive waterjet cutting machine for prototyping, light commercial applications, educational settings or as a complement to a larger machine shop.

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