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Our comprehensive line of HPX®, HPA®, STL® and GX waterjet garnet abrasives offers consistent cutting performance at a great value. We only use highly accurate-sized grains of pure almandine garnet in every batch, ensuring optimized productivity and extended equipment life.

Waterjet cutting is the largest industrial use for garnet abrasive in North America, with applications across industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, architectural, fabrication, defense, automation, and education. Our garnet abrasives deliver a powerful, abrasive cutting action that produces very little dust and no heat-affected zones on your materials.

At Spark & Co, we understand that the quality of your garnet abrasive is just as important as your waterjet cutting equipment. Our team of technicians inspects grain distribution, density, and hardness to ensure you get the best results from your investment. We can even run tests and adjust your machine to find the perfect balance between cutting speed and nozzle life.

We also understand the importance of consistent particle size in waterjet cutting effectiveness. Oversize particles can clog the nozzle and damage your part, while too many fine particles can cause irregular feed and faltering in the cutting stream. Our garnet abrasives offer improved grain distribution for more efficient and effective cutting.

If you’re looking to maximize production and get the best return on your investment, trust Spark & Co for your garnet abrasives needs. Contact us today to learn more or watch our video to see our garnet abrasives in action.

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Our abrasives for waterjet cutting

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High-performance garnet quality for Canada

When it comes to waterjet cutting, the type of garnet you choose is crucial for achieving the best results. Caliobrate offers a variety of garnet types, including hard rock and alluvial, sourced from renowned mining sites. Hard rock garnet is mined from solid rock formations and has a higher density and hardness compared to other types of garnet. It is ideal for more demanding waterjet cutting applications, where a high abrasive power is required. On the other hand, alluvial garnet is extracted from sediment deposits in riverbeds or beaches. It has a lower density and hardness compared to hard rock garnet but is great for less demanding waterjet cutting applications.

Both hard rock and alluvial garnet have their unique advantages, and it ultimately depends on your specific waterjet cutting needs. At Spark & Co , we can help you choose the best type of garnet for your project based on the materials you are cutting and the desired finished product. We’re committed to providing high-performance garnet quality for Canada, so you can achieve the best results every time.

High-quality garnet for waterjet cutting

Our waterjet garnet is perfect for those looking for the best quality for their waterjet cutting needs. Our garnet comes from the best suppliers to ensure the highest quality and performance for your projects. Our garnet is 100% natural and will help you achieve the best cut and finish every time.

Exceptional performance

Our waterjet garnet abrasive is designed to provide exceptional performance every time. Our waterjet garnet is engineered to provide a smooth, clean cut as well as superior finishing. Our garnet is also designed to be used in a wide range of applications, giving you the flexibility to use it for any project.

Canadian service and availability

We are committed to providing the best quality and service to our Canadian customers. We have a team based in Canada dedicated to providing the best support and service for all your waterjet cutting needs. We also ensure fast delivery and easy returns, so you can be sure to get the best quality waterjet cutting garnet for all your projects.

We offer garnet abrasive in eastern Canada, specifically in Montreal and Toronto. We have a variety of garnet types available, including hard rock and alluvial. Our garnet samples are of superior quality and are extracted from renowned mining sites. The stone is prized for its high hardness, wear resistance, and beauty. Additionally, our company is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience by offering convenient delivery options and customer service available to answer any questions or concerns. We take pride in providing our superior quality gems to those seeking quality gemstones in the Montreal and Toronto areas.

Particle density of garnet:

The particle density of garnet plays a crucial role in waterjet cutting. The cutting force equation of a waterjet cutting machine depends on the mass multiplied by velocity. However, the ideal abrasive garnet is not always the heaviest particle that can be accelerated to maximum velocity by the water stream.

Surprisingly, I have come across cases where we achieved the same cutting edge quality and precision on the part while using 20% less abrasives with lower density. Just imagine the cost savings over years of garnet consumption. It is essential to strike the right balance.

A waterjet cutting machine with low density garnet may be too light to provide a good quality cut. On the other hand, if the garnet is too dense or heavy, it will accelerate excessively, leading to unnecessary garnet waste and not yielding the best return on your investment.

Finding the optimal particle density for garnet ensures efficient cutting without excessive velocity or unnecessary waste. Our team at Spark & Co understands this critical aspect and is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect balance for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Selecting the Best Garnet Particle Shape:

When it comes to waterjet cutting abrasives, choosing the right particle shape is crucial, and it depends on the material being cut and the desired edge finish. There are two main options to consider: subangular grain or what we refer to as Hard Rock garnet abrasives, and sub-rounded garnet grains, also known as alluvial garnet with sub-rounded particles.

Subangular grain, or Hard Rock garnet abrasives, excel in terms of cutting speed and offer superior edge quality. However, it’s important to note that this comes at a certain cost.

On the other hand, sub-rounded garnet abrasive grains are commonly used in day-to-day cutting applications. These alluvial garnet particles with sub-rounded shapes are well-suited for general cutting needs.

At Spark & Co, we understand the importance of selecting the best garnet particle shape for your specific requirements. Our team of experts can guide you in choosing the ideal option based on the material you’re cutting and the desired edge finish. By making an informed decision, you can optimize your waterjet cutting process and achieve outstanding results.

Why Spark & Co Garnet?

Waterjet cutting equipment is a significant investment, and the quality of garnet is equally crucial. At Spark & Co, we go beyond simply shaking the garnet in a clean bottle to assess its quality. Our dedicated team of technicians meticulously inspects the grain distribution, density, and hardness of the material to ensure that you achieve the utmost return on your investment. In today’s highly competitive market, garnet abrasive quality plays a critical role in maximizing production and obtaining the best return on your investment. Rest assured, not all garnet is created equal, and our team of technicians is ready to conduct tests and fine-tune your machine to guarantee optimal returns on your investment.

At Spark & Co, we have everything you need to keep your machines running optimally. Whether it’s different types of garnet abrasive for varying densities or other supplies, you’ll find everything you need here. We know that having the right tools is essential to getting the best results and completing any project quickly and efficiently. With our wide selection of products, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. You need it, we’ve got it – that’s our promise!

Comparaison des machines de soudage laser

LightWELD 1500XR
Extended Range
Welding & Cleaning
LightWELD 1500XC
Welding & Cleaning
LightWELD 1500
LightWELD 2000XR
Welding Capability: SteelsStaineless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel
6.35 mm (0.250'')
Staineless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel
4 mm (0.160'')
Staineless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel
4 mm (0.160'')
Stainless, Galvanized & Mild Steel: up to 8 mm (0.315” )
Welding Capability: AluminiumAluminium (3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXXseries)
6.35 mm (0.250'')
Aluminium (3XXX, 5XXX series)
4 mm (0.160'')
Aluminium (3XXX, 5XXX series)
4 mm (0.160'')
Aluminum 3 & 5 Series: up to 8 mm (0.315”)
Aluminum 6 Series: up to 5 mm (0.200”)
Welding Capability: Titanium and Nickel AlloysTitanium and Nickel Alloys
6.35 mm (0.250'')
--Titanium & Nickel Alloys: up to 7 mm (0.275” )
Welding Capability-CooperCopper 2 mm (0.080'')--Copper: up to 3 mm (0.120”)
Wooble WeldingUp to 5 mm widthUp to 5 mm widthUp to 5 mm widthUp to 5 mm width
Cleaning CapabilityPre- & Post-weld up to 15 mmPre- & Post-weld up to 15 mm-Pre- & Post-weld up to 15 mm width
High Frequency Peak Power for Cleaning2500 W2500 W-3000 W
Wire Welding CapabilityYesYesYesYes