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Since 2002, Spark & Co. has remained the Canadian benchmark in waterjet cutting, laser welding, and laser cutting solutions, positioning itself as a leader in the country. As a unique “All-in-One” shopping solution, we offer our customers both machines and consumables. Proud to serve nearly 1,500 clients, Spark & Co. continues to evolve.

We are distributors of OMAX, MAXIEX, GLOBALMAX, OPTIMAX, and PROTOMAX waterjet cutting systems, ensuring exceptional performance. This strategic alliance combines years of experience in waterjet technology and service, providing optimal solutions to our customers.

In April 2018, we proudly established a partnership with Extrude Hone, offering surfacing solutions through advanced polishing and finishing machines.

Spark & Co. is proud to offer a complete range of high-precision laser welders from the industry leader, IPG Photonics. Since our partnership was established in 2020, we provide our customers with advanced laser welding technology that meets the strictest standards of quality and performance. Our four flagship models, the IPG laser welders [LightWELD 1500, LightWELD 1500 XC, LightWELD 1500 XR, LightWELD 2000XR], are designed to meet the varied needs of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a solution for demanding industrial applications, high-precision production work, or projects requiring increased versatility, our IPG laser welders are at the forefront of innovation. With features such as [include key features such as power, speed, precision], these models ensure reliable performance and exceptional results. Trust Spark & Co. to provide you with the most advanced IPG laser welding solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency in your manufacturing operations.

In 2024, Spark & Co. takes a major strategic step by opening a division in Europe, expanding our global footprint. This expansion represents an exciting new phase in our commitment to providing advanced laser welding solutions internationally. By establishing a presence in Europe, we have the opportunity to offer our innovative technologies to a broader audience while more effectively addressing the specific needs of the European market. This initiative reinforces our position as a global leader in industrial solutions, and we look forward to collaborating with new partners and clients to shape the future of high-precision manufacturing in Europe.

Spark & Co. once again proves that no one is better equipped to meet your needs in waterjet cutting, laser cutting, laser welding, polishing, and finishing.

We have also become distributors of SENFENG Laser brand, which is one of the top 3 laser manufacturers in the world. SENFENG full line of products includes 2D, 3D and tube lasers as well as additive manufacturing machines and press brakes used in many industries. Backed by a two years warranty, the SENFENG fiber laser offers improved retro-reflection protection for reflective materials. 

We prove once again that no one is better equipped to meet your needs in waterjet, laser cutting, laser welding , polishing and finishing.

Social responsibility
Spark & Co. is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible manner that respects all federal and provincial laws, as well as industry customs and published standards with respect to employment and manufacturing. We believe that our company must provide fair and decent working conditions. That is why we strive to follow a strict code of business conduct.
Spark & Co. and charitable donations
Spark & Co. is committed to building strong community relationships and supporting the following organizations:
Full line of fabrication equipment such as waterjet, additive, EDM machines, laser, press brakes, milling & turning and shaping & finishing.
We will to a test cut and adjust your machine according to your needs