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Submit your request:

Sending a request for a test cut takes only a few seconds! Describe your needs, making sure to list the materials that you work with.

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Once we receive your request, our expert team of analysts will evaluate it to make sure they fully understand your needs and the materials required. We may reach back out to you during this step for more information.


Test cut:

With this information, we can then choose the best tools for your project. Our team then executes the test cut, adhering to your request and requirements as much as possible.

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Our team sends you the part so that you can evaluate the cut quality and choose the tools you need. Please get in touch if you have any additional questions!

Our team will find the right tool for you

Cutting machines at the cutting edge of technology

Our experienced technicians will explain the ins and outs of each machine and help you find the one that corresponds to your needs. We’ll show you the different machines and compare their unique features and different models to help you make the best decision.

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Get a comprehensive, custom evaluation

Turnkey service



Our technicians will assess and analyze your specific needs. We’ll compare different machines based on your priorities and production goals and suggest the one that will optimize your results.

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Cutting time:

In business, time is money. Our technicians analyze your production process in order to recommend the machine that will optimize your company’s output. We’ll strike the right quality/cost/production time balance.

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Costs and timelines:

After gathering all the necessary information about your production process, our technicians will quickly find the right machine for you. We’ll calculate your return on investment so you know you’re making the best choice.

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