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200W Pulse

The Laser Cleaner comes with a few different power output options, either in Continuous or Pulse Laser depending on Power Output, & Continuous vs Pulse Beam, Length of Optical Cable. We currently have some 200watt Pulse Beam (30ft cable length) and 1500watt Continuous Beam (30ft Cable Length) around the LA warehouse. They sell even though Continuous Beam is “higher Powered,” the Pulse Head is a more “advanced cleaning method” so Lower-Power-Pulse-Laser-Cleaner will clean as well as Higher-Powered-Continuous-Beam-Cleaner. Generally speaking, Continuous Beam is easier on “rough applications” (cleaning rust in oddly shaped gutters, getting into corners that cannot be approached from a level angle, etc) while Pulse works better on a more level/controlled area (production or refinishing shop, flat surfaces).
Surface treatment


These are a new application for Fiber Laser Technology however they're very easy to use without worrying about damaging the metals, unlike some other metal cleaning/finishing methods. Click on the links and you’ll see videos/examples of its operation on Paint/Rust/Resin/Rubber, etc. A client even bought a Laser Cleaner to clean industrial-kitchens/pizza-ovens/etc from mostly grease-buildup, and it works well… The Cleaners are more versatile than the other Fiber Laser applications (we’ve even noticed it cleans the Concrete Floor at our warehouse from Dirt/Grime). Further videos on Senfeng’s Youtube Channel (link at bottom). Standard Optical Cable 30ft, some models can be custom ordered up to 45ft.

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