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It’s pretty simple: clean water equals pump performance.

Waterjet tips to optimize performance & contaminants in the water can wreak havoc on pump components and pressure lines. Too much calcium will create water turbulence when stuck in your diamond, which reduces mixing tube and/or nozzle life.

By removing microscopic particles produced during the waterjet cutting process, you’ll maximize performance and profitability.

Here are a few tips to keep your pump in tip-top shape:

A word or two about filters

Water filters are rated by the sizes of particles that will pass through them. These ratings are expressed in microns, with the two most used being nominal and absolute.

An absolute filter rating means that 99.9% of the particles larger than a specified micron rating will be trapped on or within the filter. In other words, the filter will reject virtually all of the particles of the given size. Absolute ratings are usually used for the tightest filters and for purposes where efficiency really matters. 

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A nominal filter rating indicates the approximate size particle, the majority of which will not pass through the filter. A nominal filter will filter out at least 85% of the particles of the size for which it is rated. In other words, a filter that is rated as a 1-micron nominal can be expected to pick out 85% of the particles that are 1 micron or larger from the water that passes through it.

In conclusion, absolute filters will increase the life of your seals and pump components and optimize pump performance.

Recommended Water Quality for Waterjet

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