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SF3015H fiber laser cutter is mainly designed for the popular power wattage of :1.5kw to 6kw but is also available up to 30kw , it is with full-protection cover, which can prevent laser radiation and protect worker safety, reduce environmental pollution; and it is also with auto-exchangeable platforms, which can save materials loading time, improve the processing efficiency. The exchange platform only takes 20 seconds to complete the exchange. The biggest feature of this machine is that the whole machine can fit into a 40HQ. No need frame container, which greatly saves freight costs. The sheet metal does not have to be dismantled for packing. It will save a lot of installation time.
2D laser
Processing area size :

Maximum positioning speed :

100-160m / min

Model Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter SF3015H
Working Area 120″ * 60″
Laser Power 1.5kw/2kw/3kw/4kw/6kw (options up to 30kw)
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Maximum Velocity of Movement 426′ /min
Maximum Acceleration 1.0G

1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 6KW
Carbon steel 1/64″- 5/8″ 1/64″-45/64″ 1/64″-25/32″ 1/64″-63/64″ 1/64″-1/8″
Stainless steel 1/64″-15/64″ 1/64″-5/16″ 1/64″-15/32″ 1/64″-15/32″ 1/64″-5/8″
Aluminum 1/64″-13/32″ 1/64″-5/16″ 1/64″-5/16″ 1/64″-15/32″ 1/64″-5/16″
Brass 1/64″-13/32″ 1/64″-15/64″ 1/64″-15/64″ 1/64″-5/16″ 1/64″-5/16″


Advantages of Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter SF3015H:

1. Smaller Footprint, Wider Working Area

  • The size of the machine is 89.3″ * 326.7″ * 92.1″, and the floor space is reduced by 22.2%.
  • The whole machine can fit into a 40HQ.
  • No need frame container, which saves freight cost.

2. Safe and Stable Operation

  • 720° all-round safety inspection, follow up the cutting situation in time.
  • Fully protected enclosed, reducing laser damage.

3. High Degree of Automation

  • Autofocus Laser Head, improving positioning and cutting accuracy.
  • Automatic gas distribution device for auxiliary gas.

Main Configuration of Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter 6KW:

1. High Strength Machine Bed

  • Welded with high-quality steel plates and pipes.
  • Annealing to eliminate internal stress
  • sufficient structural stability and shock resistance
  • Not deformed for a long time

2. Intelligent Surrounding Spiral Negative Pressure Partition Dust Removal System

  • Intelligently switchingthe air outlet, time-sharing, partition, and sectional air exhaust
  • Cooperating with the back-shaped sealing structure design at the bottom of the base to realize smokeless cutting.

3. Intelligent CNC Operating System

Adopt Cypcut numerical control system. With intelligent diagnosis, multi-threading operation, three-level perforation, laser energy control, adaptive edge-finding, automatic corner acceleration and deceleration, flight cutting, switching worktables, mechanical accuracy compensation and other features.

Whats the Industry Application of Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter 4KW?

The SF3015H fiber laser cutting machine is specialized for sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, decorative advertising, etc.

What does the Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter cut?

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Brass, Copper, Galvanized Sheet, Silicon Steel Sheet, Electrolytic Sheet, Titanium Alloy, Manganese Alloy, etc.


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