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Compact system design with low space requirments – 1900 x 2100 x 2550mm (W x D x H).

Stainless steel design with finished surface.

Generous workspace of 1130 x 860 x 1080mm (W x H x D) for universal applications.

Automatic fixtures interface for all available EH equipment.

Automatic process parameter control for consistent machining quality. Siemens S7-300 Visual WIN CC Flexible.

Latest short-circuit monitor for minimized tool wear.

Generator from 3 kW up to >100 kW with pulse technology.

User-friendly touch panel with integrated tool menu for comprehensive machining data managment.

Light curtain or sliding door on system front ensures operational safety during operation.

Integrated three level program.

  • Individually configurable ECM system
    A modular design concept and various options create a tailor-made system.
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
    Specifically designed to meet the needs of the end user with features to reduce user fatigue and ensure ease of use.
  • Fast setup and change of tooling
    Generously dimensioned machining area accommodates large workpieces and enables rapid tool change.
  • Controlled production
    State-of-the-art control system stores and monitors all major process data.
  • Environmentally friendly design
    Built-in features provide protection against spillage, corrosion, and vapors.
  • Ease of automation and integration in production lines
    Defined interfaces are available as an option.


The demand for better surface qualities and edge radiusing on machined components can be fulfilled only with fast and reproducible methods. The ECM process combines all of these methods for surface refinement (deburring, radiusing, polishing, marking, and contouring). The attractively priced CLASSIC series presents a competitive alternative to the conventional machining methods, even for small, and medium-sized batches and provides you with all the benefits of the ECM process.



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