Roku Roku

The Roku Roku HC Series hybrid vertical milling machine is a high-end milling solution that delivers accuracy, stability and high performance. Ideal for milling incredibly precise electrodes, hard-milled parts or complex, tight-tolerance components, the flood coolant, high-speed Roku Roku milling machine combines industry-leading graphite milling with hard milling capabilities,

meaning that you can do your graphite electrode work and hard milling with one elite machine. What’s more, the Roku Roku machine work space is completely sealed to protect the ways, servo drive system, linear glass scales, automatic tool changer and laser tool measuring system. So go ahead and drill that formicro-hole at 40,000 RPM or hard mill at 60 hrc – this powerful machine is not for just anyone!


Full line of fabrication equipment such as waterjet, additive, EDM machines, laser, press brakes, milling & turning and shaping & finishing.


We will to a test cut and adjust your machine according to your needs