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AccuStream™ Waterjet Products

Founded by an industry pioneer who drove the development of the first high pressure intensifier pumps, AccuStream™ has been in the waterjet business from the get-go. First as a waterjet job shop and now as a brand of Hypertherm, AccuStream develops high-quality component and replacement parts you can trust for your waterjet machining systems. Engineered and manufactured in the United States, AccuStream parts lower your cost of ownership by delivering more cuts, more work hours, increased productivity and ultimately greater profitability.

AccuStream parts can’t be beat when it comes to component life, quality, availability and price. If you require quality, competitively priced parts for your Flow, KMT, WSI or Jet Edge pump, Spark & Co. can help. Furthermore, our Accustream solutions also include garnet removal, water conditioning, and abrasive recycling equipment. Spark & Co is proud to partner with Accustream to provide a wide range of products for our clientele. For more information, please visit


Full line of fabrication equipment such as waterjet, additive, EDM machines, laser, press brakes, milling & turning and shaping & finishing.


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