Coolpulse technology

Coolpulse technology by Extrude Hone is an enhanced finishing solution for metal 3D printed parts. Also referred to as Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM), Coolpulse is an ECM technology, however it uses a special pH neutral, environmentally friendly electrolyte, which provides a better and more steady

distribution of the electrical field over the workpiece surface and offers a higher material removal rate than traditional ECM. Extrude Hone’s Coolpulse series offers reasonable cost tooling, incredible flexibility, short reaction times, high productivity and low material removal.

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Coolpulse Machine


Enhanced finishing solution for metal 3D printed components
EXTRUDE HONE technology opens the door to a very economic, fast, controllable, flexible and environmentally friendly process for enhanced surface finishing of metal 3D printed parts.
The machine is available in four versions:
COOLPULSE™ 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000
With choosing the COOLPULSE™ 2000 vs. COOLPULSE™ 500 you unlock the power. You will quadruple the machinable part surface area from 300 cm2 up to 1200 cm2 which means you can quadruple the output in the best configuration.


Overview and Technical Specifications

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