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Han’s Laser extends its vast laser expertise into its automation line with systems designed for accuracy, performance and profitability. Used in a wide range of industries, such as the impact semiconductor, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, industrial, healthcare, logistics, and electronics industries, Han’s Laser automated laser systems lead the pack in terms of operability and affordability.

Sold worldwide, Han’s Laser vast product portfolio includes 2D fiber laser and 3D fiber laser cutting solutions, press brakes, laser welding systems, automation, laser tube cutting, and surface treatment innovations.


Han’s Laser Cutting FMS/Automatic Production Line 3D Animation series includes ALUG4020MS laser cutting FMS, ALUG4020 laser cutting FMS (without automatic material load/unload system), and ALU System for Single G3015 laser cutter.

This multi-laser cutting machine features fully automatic production, intelligent production management and unmanned systems for enhanced output with reduced labour costs.

Han’s CNC System for laser cutting is based on the INTEL X86 platform. Its fully optimized architecture uses a fully digital bus soft core structure.

Open data makes device interconnection, data interaction, and remote management and control extremely convenient.

This user-friendly CNC system offers a host of performance advantages. Its INTEL X86 high-performance multi-core processor, with a computing frequency above 2.5GHZ, and its computing power far exceeds the ordinary embedded processor, providing strong computing power support for system performance.

Interpolation period as low as 500us, strong computing power and precise timing scheduling, provide a strong basic guarantee for the speed and accuracy of the system. What’s more, in the idle stroke, the trajectory of the leapfrog function can be planned in real time according to the actual situation of the follow-up detection, and the obstacle can be avoided autonomously, so as to realize the seamless combination of the leapfrog and the follow-up. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Spark & Co. offers a complete portfolio of Han’s Laser products, including 2D laser (F and HF series), 3D laser (W Series), laser tube cutting (P series), laser welding, automation and surface treatment. Always cutting edges and not corners, no one is better equipped than Spark & Co. to meet your needs in waterjet, 2D laser & 3D laser, EDM Cutting (Sinker EDM, Wire EDM and EDM Drill), milling, shaping and finishing.

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Han’s Laser ALUG4020MS automated laser cutting system


Take your automated operation to the next level with the Han’s Laser ALUG4020MS automated laser cutting system. Improved cycle times, reduced labour costs and maximized profit – not to mention competitiveness in the market – are just a few highlights of this high-performance system.

The ALUG4020MS laser production line is combined with adjusted laser machine tools, a flexible manufacturing system, and a high-efficiency, open data computer management system for ultimate productivity.


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