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The very inventor of Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM), Extrude Hone leads the industry in polishing and deburring solutions, especially for complex internal shapes and targeted surface challenges. The Extrude Hone abrasive flow machining AFM process utilizes an abrasive media for polishing and deburring components. he media is applied at high pressure to change the surface characteristics of the machined component. Highly efficient and accurate, abrasive flow machining (AFM)is ideal for radiusing, surface stress relief, polishing, geometry optimization and deburring. Individually configurable in designs that can be built to meet any production requirements, Extrude Hone abrasive flow machining (AFM) can be tailor-made to suit your shop.

SPECTRUM Series Abrasive Flow Machining Machine

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Comparaison des machines de soudage laser

LightWELD 1500XR
Extended Range
Welding & Cleaning
LightWELD 1500XC
Welding & Cleaning
LightWELD 1500
LightWELD 2000XR
Welding Capability: SteelsStaineless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel
6.35 mm (0.250'')
Staineless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel
4 mm (0.160'')
Staineless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel
4 mm (0.160'')
Stainless, Galvanized & Mild Steel: up to 8 mm (0.315” )
Welding Capability: AluminiumAluminium (3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXXseries)
6.35 mm (0.250'')
Aluminium (3XXX, 5XXX series)
4 mm (0.160'')
Aluminium (3XXX, 5XXX series)
4 mm (0.160'')
Aluminum 3 & 5 Series: up to 8 mm (0.315”)
Aluminum 6 Series: up to 5 mm (0.200”)
Welding Capability: Titanium and Nickel AlloysTitanium and Nickel Alloys
6.35 mm (0.250'')
--Titanium & Nickel Alloys: up to 7 mm (0.275” )
Welding Capability-CooperCopper 2 mm (0.080'')--Copper: up to 3 mm (0.120”)
Wooble WeldingUp to 5 mm widthUp to 5 mm widthUp to 5 mm widthUp to 5 mm width
Cleaning CapabilityPre- & Post-weld up to 15 mmPre- & Post-weld up to 15 mm-Pre- & Post-weld up to 15 mm width
High Frequency Peak Power for Cleaning2500 W2500 W-3000 W
Wire Welding CapabilityYesYesYesYes


Product DescriptionThe complete waterjet machine utilizing the best OMAX has to offer.The workhorse of waterjets, the OMAX line offers precision, performance, and power. Maximum capability with the widest accessory compatibility.Configured for your business with broad accessory compatibility.Value abrasive waterjet with essential accessory compatibility.
3-AxisProgrammable ZProgrammable ZProgrammable ZProgrammable ZManual Z
5-AxisVersaJET, TiltaJETA-Jet, TiltaJETA-Jet
6-AxisComing SoonRotary Axis with A-Jet/TiltaJET
Cutting NozzleMAXJet 5iMAXJet 5iMAXJet 5iGlobalMAX NozzleProtoMAX Nozzle
Cutting Bed Sizes10'0" x 5'2" to 13'4 x 6'8"
3.04 m x 1.57 m to 4.06 m x 2.03 m
2'5" x 2'2" to 46'8" x 13'4"
0.73 m x 0.66 m to 14.2 m x 4.0 m
5’2” x 5’2” to 20'6" x 10'2"
0.79 m x 0.77 m to 6.2 m x 3.1 m
2'7" x 5'0" to 13'3" x 6'8"
0.80 m x 1.5 m to 4.0 m x 2.0 m
12" x 12"
0.3 m x 0.3 m
Cutting Bed Weight
400 lbs/sq ft
1950 kg/m2
400 lbs/sq ft
1950 kg/m2
300 lbs/sq ft
1465 kg/m2
100 lbs/sq ft
488 kg/m2
50 lbs/ sq ft
244 kg/m2
Ballbar Circularity±0.003"
±0.076 mm
±0.0025" to ±0.005"
±0.064 mm
±0.127 mm
±0.178 mm
±0.406 mm