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We are proud to announce that Spark & Co is pleased to sponsor the exceptional rodeo athlete, Zachary Saucier, who brilliantly secured the second place at this year’s St-Tite Western Festival! ????✨ As the president of Spark & Co, the sport of rodeo holds a special meaning for me, rooted in my family’s history in Canada. My ancestor, Guy Weadick, is the founder of the legendary Calgary Stampede, a tradition that endures in the world of rodeo.

Guy Belanger -

I am inspired by Zachary Saucier’s determination. In each competition, wondering if he will be able to hold on for eight seconds on a wild horse, he faces every challenge with unwavering strength. A strength that we, in the business world, can certainly use to confront our challenging and responsibility-filled days in a world of stress: Life is a Rodeo!

Beyond the jolts and bumps that are an integral part of the package, bareback riding is much more than a mere physical challenge for him. It is his unquenchable passion, his escape from daily routine. The thrilling eight seconds on the back of a wild horse represent more than a sporting event; it’s a profound connection with the very essence of his life.

If by chance you encounter him in the arena, don’t hesitate to give him a wave. And, most importantly, don’t forget to smile because in the world of rodeo, laughter is as essential as mastering the ride! Yeehaw!

Being a rodeo athlete in the bareback event is not just a passion; it’s a way of life. Every moment spent on the backs of these untamed horses is an affirmation of his determination and can be an inspiration for each of us. However, being a professional in this sport requires much more than courage.

Guy Belanger -

This partnership embodies the fusion of rodeo tradition in Canada with the determination and innovation of Spark & Co. We look forward to supporting Zachary in his future performances and sharing the excitement of each thrilling eight seconds with all of you!