19 April 2021


New Han’s  fiber laser cutting machine offered in 2 kw and 20  kw for more flexibility and very fast drilling time. We also offer Han’s Tube laser machines at very competitive prices.


HF-Series is a gantry dual-drive structure laser cutting machine equipped with integral-weld machine frame and aviation aluminum casting beam.

Creative Structure

Groundbreaking machine bed structure specifically designed for 10KW-20KW ultra high power machine operation reduces the risk of anti-thermal deformation and damage during laser processing.

Incredible Operational Speed

The up-to-date R&D generates a super high acceleration to Z-axis, up to 4G.

High-Pressure Air Cutting Technique

Large air passage + high pressure proportional valve greatly improve the capability of thick metal sheet cutting, achieve continuous cutting of 45mm SS with 15kw machine. Han’s  fiber laser cutting machine unique High-Pressure Air Cutting technique,cost-saving up to 30% comparing to N2 cutting stainless steel, more Air Cutting solutions can be provided according to your needs.

Compact Design

Integrated electric cabinet design, more space saved for installation & occupation

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