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As you know, the world was not ready for a pandemic and we are currently experiencing a global shortage of medical supplies desperately needed to save lives.

Spark & Co is a machine tool distributor for MC Machinery and OMAX Waterjets. We have new machines sitting idle in our showroom. These machines could be used to make medical parts, such as ventilators, medical beds, or any other component linked to caring for those suffering from COVID-19.

As such, Spark & Co, would like to offer our machines and our best application engineers to help you increase production and manufacture more parts, faster.

Martin Masse -

Take advantage of our high-performance waterjet cutting machines, which can cut any material in 2D. We are also putting our Mitsubishi wire EDM, milling and sinker EDM machines at your disposal. All we ask in return is that you give back the profit to your local hospital so they can buy more medical supplies.

I invite all machine tool distributors to join me and make available their equipment to support the cause. Those interested can contact me with a list of available machines.

We all feel helpless in this situation, but there’s something we can do: let’s put our new, state-of-the-art equipment and the best application engineers in the industry to use in our community. Together, we can make a difference.

Contact me: Guy Belanger,