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We are proud to share this link for the article “Inside the Sinker EDM Process, One Spark at a Time”, which appeared in the February issue of Modern Machine Shop online magazine. The author of this article is Pat Crownhart, Sinker EDM products and applications manager at our partner McMachinery he explains the casting discharge technology by explaining how different waveforms affect a burn.

He’s comparing the waveform, the amperage, to a shovel that removes material from the workpiece. He is describing the voltage as the shovel’s handle, how long the shovel can reach. He also describes how understanding and being able to adjust these factors can affect the part.

“It is possible to be more predictive than, ‘This has worked for me in the past so I’ll try now.’ With that mindset, you’re just tinkering with settings until you get something to work. The better you understand the process, the faster you can get to the most optimized settings for your job.”

That’s how Sinker EDM expert, Pat Crownhart recently described the importance of understanding the relationship between each individual spark, the electrode and the workpiece to Modern Machine Shop magazine.

To learn more about how you can optimize your sinker’s settings for the best results, read the full article here.