Demo Mitsubishi mv2400R M800

Demonstration Model 2018 Mitsubishi MV2400-R Wire EDM with M800 Control – Axis Travel: X-23.6″ x Y-15.7″ x Z-12.2″ – (S/N: 57DU2021) (New-Jan-2018) – FOB: Elk Grove Village, IL – Two (2) Year Warranty  –  REG: $178, 000. 00 USD  –  HOT DEAL: $159,500.00 USD

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The MV2400-R Advance Plus M800 offers value and accuracy through improved machine constructionauto-threadinginternal machine communicationenhanced power supply technology and reduced operating costs.


  • New M800 Series Control Enhances Operator Ergonomics The M800 uses a new 19″ cell phone like touch screen display with pinch, flick and tap operation. The all new mounting system provides the ability to tilt and swivel the unit to best suit the operator. The advance pendant with 3.5″ touch screen along with new software features reduce setup time.
  • Powerful Support Functions Improve Productivity The M800 Advance series control uses Windows 8 Embedded operating system with many levels of automated machine functions to allow even an inexperienced operator to cut parts with confidence.
  • Linear Shaft Motor Drive with 10-Year Positioning Guarantee and Glass Scale Feedback ensure friction free, highly accurate column movement throughout the entire X Y U V Axes machining range.
  • Highly Rigid Machine Structure incorporates a fixed table meehanite base casting with the X, Y, Z axes traveling column mounted, a stainlesssteel work tank, seal plate and hardened stainless steel machine table to provide high accuracy machining.
  • V350-V Full Time AE II (Anti-Electrolysis) Power Supply suppresses electrolytic corrosion to prevent surface oxidation, edge softening and cobalt depletion in carbide.
  • DMX-S (Digital Matrix Sensor) combined with the V350-V generator specifically shapes the spark pulse to reduce electrode wear. This allows for a lower wire speed which reduces wire cost by as much as 60%.
  • New Intelligent Auto-Threading System has been redesigned to anneal up to 17″ of wire reducing the curl ratio to less than 10% improving tall part threading as well as  submerged threading and re-threading through the gap after a wire break.

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