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Canada’s one-stop shop for waterjet, CNC and EDM machining solutions, Spark & Co. has finalized a strategic partnership with Extrude Hone, machined component shaping and finishing solution specialist.

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Blainville, April 9, 2018 – Nationwide distributor of CNC controlled EDM, waterjet, and machining solutions since 2002, Blainville-based Spark & Co. announces a strategic partnership with Extrude Hone, a subsidiary of Madison Industries. Extrude Hone is dedicated to providing edge and surface solutions worldwide with high-performance technologies. With the addition of Extrude Hone to its existing portfolio, Spark & Co. further reinforces its position as a full-service provider for waterjet and EDM machining solutions.

State-of-the-art finishing

Extrude Hone’s processes and materials, which focus on component deburring, polishing, and producing controlled radii, are designed to improve performance in both manufacturing processes and end products. Technologies such as Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM), Thermal Deburing (TEM), Electrical Chemical Machining (ECM) and Coolpulse™ for polishing 3D printed parts, will prove a major asset for Spark & Co. consumers looking to improve fuel system efficiency, reduce transmission wear and noise, boost turbine performance and extend component life.

“We look forward to expanding our presence in the Canadian market through this strategic partnership with a leading national provider of CNC and EDM cutting solutions,” stated Kunal Bhonsle, Director of Sales – Americas for Extrude Hone. “Given Spark & Co.’s excellent reputation and pan-Canadian network, we feel strongly that our association will not only support their customers’ operations but will advance the additive manufacturing industry as a whole.”

“By teaming up with Extrude Hone, we are ideally positioned to address the many polishing and deburring challenges experienced by our customer base,” explains Guy Bélanger, Vice President of Business Development at Spark & Co.  “It’s not enough for us to be just a machine tool dealer for our clients; we want to provide our clients with complete performance and productivity solutions. Now, with SLM Solutions metal additive manufacturing combined with Extrude Hone technology, we offer enhanced finishing solutions for 3D printed metal parts, also known as additive layer manufacturing (ALM) components. Extrude Hone’s Coolpulse™ technology is a game-changer that will greatly benefit our customers.”

Coolpulse™ technology

Coolpulse developed by Extrude Hone is an ECM technology following the principles of anodic metal dissolution. This innovative polishing technology creates a defined surface structure at both the micro and macro level, finishing both internal and external surfaces simultaneously to retain freedom of design. Using a pH neutral, environmentally-friendly electrolyte invented to support a better and more steady distribution of the electrical field over the part surface, this new technology allows for complete surface treatment and sets a milestone in development of ECM (Electrochemical machining).

About Extrude Hone

Founded in 1951 and headquartered in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Extrude Hone supplies market-leading engineered component process technology to a variety of industries around the world. From engineering to fully-automated solutions, Extrude Hone supports market segments such as automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, medical and general engineering with edge blending, shaping and fine-flow tuning surfacing solutions through its engineered processes and state-of-the-art finishing technologies, delivering ultimate added value, and improving productivity and quality. Extrude Hone’s major manufacturing locations are in the US, Germany and Ireland. For more information: