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NASCAR is observed by fans as an definitive test of man and machine. Needing a fast, high-precision cutting solution for short-run production and fast prototyping; Hendrick Motorsports, added an abrasive waterjet machine to their team. The Omax 55100 Jet Machining Centers not only met those demanding expectations, but also offered the flexibility to cut an assortment of materials. Intended to cut complex parts from flat stock ranging to 5 × 10 feet, the waterjet differentiates itself from laser machining with the capacity to easily cut a large variety of materials, including aluminum, copper, rubber and carbon fiber. The machine is equipped with Omax Tilt-A-Jet system, which automatically calculates and offsets the natural taper that comes from typical waterjet cutting heads. Hendrick Motorsports knew the waterjet would deliver added flexibility and versatility to ensure quick and improved productivity, but never imagined how much it would enhance their engineering and manufacturing processes.

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