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Founded in 1996, Antech Wire EDM Inc. is a high precision wire EDM and machining establishment, located in Oshawa, Ontario. Antech doesn’t believe in second best so they opted for the OMAX 55100 waterjet machining center that now permits them to be a very versatile shop. They have the full abilities of part production as well as on-site inspection and can now complement it even further with their newly acquired abrasive waterjet system. Some benefits to using a waterjet are the fact that there is no mechanical stress, no temperature affected areas, the machine has the capacity to cut virtually any profile, reducing the need for additional machining due to the satin finish, clean cutting method without the use of oils and other products, while maintaining precision and accuracy. Abrasive waterjet machining is ideal for short run production, just in time manufacturing, tooling and prototype part development.

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