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At initial glance, they look like most other job shops. However, Betcor Manufacturing in Ontario, Canada is a small custom job shop with a difference. At one end of the shop is a piece of equipment that is anything but traditional state-of-the-art abrasive waterjet machining center. The OMAX 55100 JetMachining® Center has allowed Betcor to handle more processes in-house instead of sending parts out elsewhere. The abrasive waterjet had some surprizing benefits as well; It cuts practically dust free by cutting submerged. Betcor appreciates that OMAX also understands the importance of innovation. OMAX just introduced new software that dramatically improves the performance of the machine itself. For cutting a right angle outside corner, for instance, the machine cuts slightly past the intersecting point then quickly backtracks to the intersection point and continues. Betcor tends to take an innovative approach to everything they manufacture. This is what drives their Manufacturing’s success.

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