Founded in 1969 by Armando Blagonic as a job shop offering both machining and fabricating services, A.B.M. Tool & Die Co. Ltd has expanded into large metal stamping manufacture. Relying on other suppliers for cutting work, they still needed help with their tooling builds. After considering laser and plasma as an alternative, they quickly realized that it had too many limitations. Looking into a waterjet machine, they discovered it could cut any material – from steel and concrete to Styrofoam and wood, without hardening the edges on steel. For the first time, they found a machine that took work away from several other departments, making the company more efficient and streamlining their cost to manufacture tooling. Their new OMAX waterjet can cut up to six inches in thickness and is so easy to operate. Now, with their new 3D cutting software, OMAX users can produce 3D cut parts on the waterjet.

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