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The cutting technology is a gateway to new fabricating opportunities

Because abrasive waterjet machines cut almost any material, fabricating shops with five-axis machine can broaden their markets in terms of the materials they are able to process. To make these waterjets cutting machines even more user-friendly, advanced control software has a multitude of tube and pipe cut subroutines embedded in the machine control. Today engineering shops typically consider five-axis abrasive waterjet cutting for processing typically short lengths of tubes and pipes with diameters of 1.5”. As more fabricating shops adopt five-axis abrasive waterjet cutting in attempt to diversify their businesses, many industry experts expect the technology being used to cut new kinds of materials. As manufacturing materials and part designs evolves, fabricators must consider which technologies will increase their manufacturing versatility. Fabricating shops wanting to remain relevant in the next 20 years will be those that continue to adapt the latest technologies, such as five-axis abrasive waterjet machines.

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