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Modular Entry Level ECM machine

With the new modular ECM entry level machine
concept, EXTRUDE HONE ofers the flexibility its
customers need to get exactly the right equipment to
run their ECM applications.

One modular system with five different packages helps
you to configure the machine to fit your requirements.

Standardized packages reduce delivery time while
offering high modularity. This means you don’t have
to pay for unnecessary options without affecting the
quality of your ECM’d parts.



Supply voltage
400 V AC/3 Ph/N/50 Hz
Generator type
RLI; aut. short circut control; DC & Pulse mode
Min. process power
Connected load 25 kVA / sec. current 250 A / voltage 60 V
Max. process power
Connected load 40 kVA / sec. current 500 A / voltage 60 V
  • Extrude Honeʼs newest generator technology
    Profit of our state-of-the-art generator technology which allows you using modern pulse
    patterns to improve parts quality.
  • Highest flexibility
    Modular concept offering up to 500 A generator power, idT process control, full automatic process fluid control, and more.
  • Process control
    State-of-the-art control system stores and monitors all major process data.
  • Minimized operating costs
    Short circuit control before and monitoring during the process reduces tool wear and reduces parts damage.
  • Make it easy
    With our pre-defined configuration packages you can easily configure the machine as it fits best to your requirements – without paying for unnecessary features

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