Robust and reliable, the G6020HF is designed to provide ultra-high cutting speed, heightened positioning acceleration and overall accuracy.

Boasting a work area of 6,000 mm × 2,000 mm and a maximum loading capacity of 2,800 kg, the G6020HF is a beast of a machine that can take whatever you throw at it! Suited to a wide range of industries, it can be easily configured to suit any application.

This heavy-duty machine features an innovative double drive motion system that allows for X/Y axis acceleration up to 2.5G, a maximum positioning speed of up to 180 m/min and heightened X/Y positioning accuracy of ±0.03 mm/m.

The G6020HF’s outstanding precision – with little to no maintenance – is due to a fully sealed, continuous high-power laser transmitted directly from its power source to the cutting head with consistent nozzle beam centering. Clean cuts, bevels and angles, every time.

Ultra high-fly cutting is just one of the innovations that comes standard with this powerful machine. Throw in zero-second perforation, jump cutting and stainless steel compressed air cutting, and you’ve got all you need for maximum production at minimum cost.

Equipped with the user-friendly 901 CNC intelligent control laser cutting software system, the G6020HF makes child’s play out of even the most intricate part or complex cut.

The G6020HF cuts easily through a variety of sheet metals, from stainless steel to mild steel, brass, aluminum, copper and more, from 0.5 mm at 120 m/min.

Fast cutting, low operating costs and little to no maintenance: the G6020HF from Han’s Laser combines proven durability, high output and exceptional cutting quality to deliver more profit per part.

Spark & Co. offers a complete portfolio of Han’s Laser products, including 2D laser (F and HF series)3D laser (W Series), laser tube cutting (P series), laser weldingautomation and surface treatment. Always cutting edges and not corners, no one is better equipped than Spark & Co. to meet your needs in waterjet2D laser & 3D laserEDM Cutting (Sinker EDMWire EDM and EDM Drill), millingshaping and finishing.



Processing area
6000mm x 2000mm
X axis track
Y axis track
Z axis track
X, Y axis positioning accuracy
X, Y, axis repeat positioning accuracy
X/Y axis max. positioning speed
X,Y axis max. acceleration
CNC system
Han's 901
Max. load of worktable
Machine tool weight
Dimension (L x W x H)
15415mm x 3470mm x 2500mm

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