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Enjoy thermal stability and rigidity plus all-around work area access with the Gantry Eagle 1200 Sinker EDM featuring the all-new Eagle PowerTec power supply with the world’s first Adaptive Current-Shape generator. Each discharge pulse calculates and creates the ideal current shape to meet the exact discharge requirements at that precise instant. Eagle PowerTec, in combination with Eagle Power Jump, reduces burn time by up to 50 percent and significantly reduces electrode wear, especially in graphite. A dual 32-bit, PC-based CNC control processes data faster and provides enhanced servo control.



Machine Travels X x Y x Z: in (mm)
39.4 x 49.2 x 23.6 (1000 x 1500 x 650)
Maximum Workpiece Size W x D x H: in (mm)
49.2 x 68.9 x 23.2 (1250 x 1750 x 590)
Max Dielectric Fluid Level: in (mm)
25.2 (640)
Power Supply (Option) / Peak Current
PT60 (PT110) / 80 (110) AMPs
Internal Worktank Dimensions W x D x H: in (mm)
50.0 x 69.7 x 26.8 (1270 x 1770 x 680)
Worktank / Door Type
4-Sided Drop Tank
Max. Workpiece Weight: lb (kg)
16,535 (7500)
Table Dimensions W x D: in (mm)
44.9 x 64.5 (1140 x 1640)
Max. Electrode Weight on Platen: lb (kg)
660 (300)
Table to C-Axis Chuck Distance Min ~ Max: in (mm)
5.9 ~ 31.5 (150 ~ 800) 3R-MACRO Chuck
Minimum Command Unit / Resolution: in (mm)
.00001 / .000002 (.0001 / .00005)
Rapid Travel Speed: in/min. (mm/min.)
196.8 (5000)
High-Speed Jump Maximum: in/min. (m/min.)[G]
708 (18)
Filters / Type
2 pc. / Paper Cartridge
Filter Tank Capacity: gal (L)
740 (2800)
Machine System Dimensions W x D: in (mm)
116.1 x 155.5 (2950 x 3950)
Machine Installed Height: in (mm)
135.4 (3440)
Machine System Weight: lb (kg)
135.4 (3440)
C-Axis Min. Indexing Angle / Drive Unit
.001º / .001º
C-Axis RPM Range
1 ~ 20 Variable
Fluid Temp. Control
Chiller Optional
Optional Internal Spindle RPM Range
Automatic Tool Changer Options
13 Linear (Rotary Disk 30 / 50)
Power Requirements [KVA]
400 VAC ±5% [18] without chiller
Compressed Air Requirements
2.7 cu.ft./min @ 90-100 psi
    • PT60 Power Tec Power Supply Provides Full Adaptive Current Pulse
    • Technology (Optional PT110 Provides 110 Peak AMPs)
    • Fully Integrated Machine Base Fluid System
    • Fixed Table Traveling Gantry Construction
    • Direct Drive AC Smart Servo System
    • Dual Ball Screw Gantry Drive
    • 3 Dimentional Lateral Servo System
    • Dual 32-bit PC-Based CNC Control with 17″ Touch Screen Operation
    • Windows XP Operating System
    • 40GB Hard Drive
    • Ethernet and USB interface
    • Four-Sided Drop Tank Design
    • Easy Access Dual Filter System
    • Dielectric Fluid Emission
    • Auto Lubrication System
    • PowerTec Easy Burn On Board Programming
    • Full 2-yr. Warranty with Triple Diamond Partnership Program
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