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Electrochemical Machining technology (ECM)

Electrochemical Machining technology (ECM) is a revolutionary deburring method that finishes the workpiece surfaces by means of anodic metal dissolution, delivering a high level of precision on components that are difficult to manufacture by conventional methods.

ECM ideal for contouring/shaping, radiusing, deburring and microstructuring. Extrude Hone’s line of Ecline and Classic ECM machines offers design accuracy, quality and repeatability, improved production and cost savings across the board.

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Modular Entry Level ECM machine


Modular Entry Level ECM machine

With the new modular ECM entry level machine
concept, EXTRUDE HONE ofers the flexibility its
customers need to get exactly the right equipment to
run their ECM applications.

One modular system with five different packages helps
you to configure the machine to fit your requirements.

Standardized packages reduce delivery time while
offering high modularity. This means you don’t have
to pay for unnecessary options without affecting the
quality of your ECM’d parts.

Overview and Technical Specifications

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Individually configurable electrochemical processing system


The demand for better surface qualities and edge radiusing on machined components can be fulfilled only with fast and reproducible methods. The ECM process combines all of these methods for surface refinement (deburring, radiusing, polishing, marking, and contouring). The attractively priced CLASSIC series presents a competitive alternative to the conventional machining methods, even for small, and medium-sized batches and provides you with all the benefits of the ECM process.



Overview and Technical Specifications

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